I get how people are mad when women reject feminism but those women have the right to value what they want which is the basis of feminism…

I don’t feel like explaining any further what I mean by this so take it as you will. I was more proud I made that fit into exactly 140 characters for twitter than I am about my actual opinion… #firstworldproblem


Anonymous asked:

i know you love wearing that harvard cap but, as someone who went to harvard and brown, you should really leave those caps to people who actually went there. you're giving people a false sense of who you are, especially since you didn't even go to a school of that caliber (if any)

kieljamespatrick answered:

Harvard University and its students symbolize the summit of American intelligence, ability, and prestige.  Harvard selected my products to sell at the Campus bookstore and I have done so for two years.  Any retailer that supports my company, I support in return. There are many hats, sweaters, shirts and shoes in my wardrobe that I wear out of support of companies, places and schools I respect.

I did not go to college.  College is an institution/business that provides free information at exorbitant cost.  What you are paying for is a human to specify in their opinion what you need to learn/experience/memorize in order to succeed in the rapidly changing real world, as well as grade you on it. The relationships, network, experience and hands on knowledge a student acquires through college can also be achieved by spending four years at job starting at the bottom (meanwhile saving $100K, on average). Every book a professor tells you to open, you can open on your own. If your job requires you to do math and you do not understand, then open a book and learn it. Find people in the field you believe you would like to pursue and ask questions, or even have them mentor you, if they are willing. It is simply self-discipline and ambition. The best teacher you have in the world is yourself.  Teach yourself how to learn.

While your academic achievements are noteworthy, they do not entitle you to imminent domain over the Harvard name, crest, logos or symbols. If you have the degree, why would you spend your time berating those who support your Alma Mater? I am not sure there is a single professional athlete today that would tell someone they shouldn’t wear their respective team’s jerseys simply because they aren’t on the team. Best of luck to you with your pursuits.

People who do things clearly without thinking about anything or anyone but themselves… Yet by virtue of not thinking of others you know they aren’t trying to be inconsiderate or mean, they really just are oblivious to how their actions impact others…

It’s hard to be mad because you know they aren’t trying to be awful and you’re too good of a person to hate them. But dang, couldn’t they just take one second to consider anything other than themselves?